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Lactic Acid Treatment£38


The best way to brighter skin tone.

In developing and refining Teresa’s signature facial over the years (since 1982 actually), a light peel or exfoliation became a key part of it. For this, the power of Lactic Acid was proven time and time again.

Science ⏤ acid peels work by causing the proteins that bind your outermost skin cells to clump together, preventing them from acting as glue. Without the glue, dead or worn–out cells peel away. This reaction then causes the cells just below to release ‘cytokine’ substances that cause mild inflammation. This triggers new cell regeneration and the release of collagen (the life force of youthful skin).

  • Skin brightness
  • Beautifully radiant, clear skin
  • Moisture retention for smoother, softer skin
  • L-Lactic acid
  • Glycerin
  • Allantoin


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