Teresa says:

“It’s quite incredible how well Lipocontrast sculpts the body, and can be used to spot-treat particular areas of concern.”

What is Lipocontrast?

Lipocontrast is a revolutionary fat reduction treatment using thermal shock technology to treat localized areas of excess fat on areas such as the abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms and chin. 

How does Lipocontrast work?

Lipocontrast works via an innovative, new technology called thermal contrast lipolysis. Fat cells are packed with saturated fatty acids, which are vulnerable to temperature changes. During Lipcontrast, the fat tissue is covered in a conductive gel and placed inside a transducer. This then subjects the fat cells to a sequence of hot-cold-hot exposure—the first blast of hot (around 41°C) ‘liquifies’ the cells, which are then cooled to 3°C for 40 minutes to induce cell death before being heated once more to optimise the treatment. The dead fat cells are then metabolised by the body (some immediately, others over the next 2-3 weeks). Once a fat cell is destroyed, it cannot grow back, and so the results should be permanent, providing a healthy diet and exercise is maintained and further weight gain is avoided.

The need to knows:

Each Lipocontrast treatment session lasts around 60 minutes. Depending on the thickness of fat tissue and the desired results, we recommend 1 to 3 sessions, with a break of four weeks in between each one. As Lipcontrast has been designed to treat small areas of excess fat, it isn’t suitable for obese or very thin clients, and as always, it’s best to seek guidance from your GP on your suitability.

Does Lipocontrast hurt?

Being a non-invasive procedure, Lipocontrast doesn’t hurt, although there may be some discomfort at the beginning of the treatment.

What are the after-effects?

There’s no real downtime although you can expect to experience some reddening, bruising, swelling and numbness in the treatment area, which should fade after a few hours.

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