Teresa says:

“I love love love the Body Ballancer system for pre-party and post-flight. I personally suffer from water retention and it’s the only thing I’ve found that works to reduce it.”

What is Body Ballancer?

A revolutionary new treatment, the Body Ballancer is like a giant sleeping bag for the body, that, inspired by lymphatic drainage massages, uses compression therapy (pressotherapy) to eliminate toxins, slim and tone the body and treat cellulite.

How does the Body Ballancer work?

The Body Ballancer uses patent-pending compression garments that apply a gentle or firm massage. The direction of glow increases circulation and gently but thoroughly decongests areas such as the hips, thighs and buttocks. It uses lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate the removal of waste products and excess fluid, which in turn reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves skin tone, clears fluid retention and puffiness and clears the lymphatic system for optimum gut health. Its gentle, rhythmic action also promotes deep relaxation.

The need to knows:
We recommend a course of treatments to see the best results, but you’ll be able to notice a difference after just one session.

Does the Body Ballancer hurt?

No, in fact, the massage sensation is deeply relaxing.

After effects:


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