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Acne Prone Skin

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TT Signature & Clearskin
£280 (not available in the US)

“This treatment is brilliant for taking inflammation down, reducing acne-causing bacteria and you can often see its effect instantly.”

What is Clear Skin?

If you’ve exhausted all prescription and over-the-counter options, this advanced laser treatment is useful in treating particularly stubborn acne, by inhibiting the skin’s sebum and bacteria production.

How does Clear Skin work?

It consists of a non-ablative laser that travels deep into skin to cut off the sebaceous gland, destroying acne-causing bacteria and reducing sebum production without affecting the outer skin layers. A built-in vacuum sucks away all the sebum build up, to ensure skin is free from all potentially pore-clogging material. It can treat all types of acne, including papules (raise red bumps), pustules (whiteheads) and nodules, and also boosts collagen production, helping to diminish the appearance of acne scars.

The need to knows:

We recommend a course of treatments to be spaced 2-3 weeks apart, and every 6 months during the maintenance period.

Does Clear Skin hurt?

Thanks to the contact-cooling feature, this laser causes minimal pain and discomfort.

The after effects:


For more information please see TT Treatments Explained here

Most treatments work better with a course, we highly recommend that to be a course of 6. When booking a course of 6 you only pay for 5.

This offer excludes the TT Facial.

Courses are valid for one year.

We offer a consultation service priced at £75 for 30 minutes and £200 with Teresa. We don’t feel this is necessary as all of our facials are bespoke, this naturally comes with a consultation. If you are unsure of the facial you require you can discuss on the day with your therapist with the option to upgrade.

Acne Treatment
Back or Chest £220/$320
Skin condition: acne
End result: depending on severity of teh condition and cause of acne, results will vary from totally clear skin to redness reduction and acne control
Duration: 1 hour
Treatment level: mild to moderate
Downtime: you will experience dryness and peeling up to one week post treatment

Acne has multiple causes including: hormones, bacteria, digestive system, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, stress and other external factors.
We have multiple approaches to correct and manage acne. Our combined treatment will include some of the following (depending on the type and severity of acne):

– ClearSkin laser
– chemical peel
– extractions
– LED light therapy
– micro-needling