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This approach is to correct minor skin imperfections that may have been left behind after your corrective phase treatments.

Available as Advanced TT facial or as add-on treatments.

These are results driven high performance treatments, our selection of advanced technology and hand selected products are designed to achieve the maximum impact for anti ageing and skin rejuvenation.


£220 (with Teresa £310)

Advanced TT is a customised facial tailored to your individual needs.

Skin condition: pigmentation and freckles, redness and facial red veins, dehydration, dull complexion, congestion, mild acne, rosacea
End result: more even complexion, redness and facial red veins reduction, added hydration, fresher, plumper and brighter skin
Duration: 1 hour
Treatment level: mild to moderate correction
Downtime: will depend on whether the treatment is mild or moderate and may include very mild to moderate redness, pigment darkening for up to 7 days (if IPL used), mild to severe swelling for up to 3 days (if IPL used), very rarely a photoallergic reaction can occur after Clear Lift laser (this resolves naturally within 48 hours, symptoms can be reduced with antihistamine)

The Advanced TT includes everything that we offer in our signature TT facial with the option to add any of the following:

• LED Light Therapy
• Very light Micro-needling with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid (brightening, little redness but very little downtime)
• Laser - This can be any laser or IPL for problems such as pigmentation, thread veins, Clearlift for plumping or Clearskin for acne
• Skin Tightening with Near Infra Red (NIR) or Clearlift Laser

The therapist will decide if or what is needed. The price remains the same regardless to which laser is used.

For more information please see treatments explained on the home page



Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

£100 Small targeted area (15mins or as add-on to Advanced TT facial)
£150 Hands (15mins or as add-on to Advanced TT facial)
£250 Decolletage (30mins)

Face rejuvenation with IPL is performed as a part of Advanced TT facial.

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Add-on to Advanced TT Facial (i.e. eyes, small targeted areas): £150

Skin condition: fine lines, smoker's lines, crow's feet, eyelid skin laxity, targeted face and body scars
End result: depending on the severity of the skin condition you will notice a softening of scarring and wrinkles
Duration: performed within 1 hour facial
Treatment level: mild to ultimate correction (depending on the settings)
Downtime: mild to severe redness, mild swelling, dryness up to 7 days

This powerful ablative skin resurfacing treatment helps to boost collagen to achieve tighter, brighter and smoother skin.

Course of 4 is recommended, followed by a review of the results.

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RADIO FREQUENCY (Accent by Alma Lasers)

Face or Neck £250 (course of 6 recommended £1250)
Face & Neck £400 (course of 6 recommended £2000)

Skin condition: loose skin, pre-jowling
End result: tighter skin, contoured jaw line
Duration: 30 minutes (face or neck) to 1 hour (face and neck)
Treatment level: moderate correction
Downtime: none

Course of 6 is recommended for long lasting results (spaced weekly apart). 

Radio Frequency (RF) is an aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodelling, production of collagen and elastin. Visible results after only one session, great for a red carpet look with no downtime.



Face or Neck £250 (course fo 6 recommended £1250)
Face & Neck £400 (course of 6 recommended £2000)   

Skin condition: loose skin, crow's feet
End result: plumper and tighter skin, more contoured lips, softer lines and wrinkles
Duration: 30 mintes (face or neck) to 1 hour (face and neck)
Treatment level: mild to moderate
Downtime: none (very rarely a photoallergic reaction can occur which resolves naturally within 48 hours, symptoms can be reduced with antihistamine)

This laser treatment revives the skin from deep within, remodelling and tightening with no downtime.

The Clear Lift provides a very precise treatment for the skin around the face and neck. It is a cumulative treatment that requires multiple sessions - typically spaced 2 weeks apart. You will start to notice dramatic results with every skin cycle (every 6 weeks). No one will know you had it done. Once you try it – Clear Lift will instantly become one of your favourite treatments. 

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Most treatments work better with a course, we highly recommend that to be a course of 6. When booking a course of 6 you only pay for 5.

We offer a consultation service priced at £75 for 30 minutes and £150 with Teresa. We don't feel this is necessary as all of our facials are bespoke, this naturally comes with a consultation. If you are unsure of the facial you require you can discuss on the day with your therapist with the option to upgrade.