NeoStrata Restore BioHydrating Cream

NeoStrata Restore BioHydrating Cream


A highly emollient cream with potent Polyhydroxy Acids dedicated to reducing the visible signs of aging while providing long-lasting hydration.

  • 15% Gluconolactone high-strength formulation 
  • Reduces the visible signs of aging 
  • Vitamin E provides long-lasting moisturization 
  • Ideal adjunctive therapy for topical retinoids

Product Details

This high-strength emollient cream is designed to reduce the visible signs of aging, providing long-lasting moisturization. Gluconolactone inhibits the enzyme that can break down elastin, so it helps preserve skin’s elasticity and suppleness. This cream exfoliates and restores youthful skin texture without irritating even the most sensitive skin. Ideal adjunctive therapy for topicals such as retinoids or for pre and post-procedure use. Perfect for patients who are unable to tolerate Glycolic Acid but desire the benefits of high-strength AHAs. Fragrance-Free. Dye-Free. Paba-Free. Non-Comedogenic/Acnegenic. Formulated with 15% Gluconolactone and Vitamin E.

Recommended usage: Daily PM, as tolerated
Key Ingredients: Gluconolactone, Vitamin E
pH 3.2

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