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Gold Massage Tool£80

Plated with 24ct gold and vibrating. Perfect for contour sculpting, maximum absorption of serums, and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Over many years Teresa crafted special muscle manipulation and circulation boosting techniques to sculpt the face, complementing her lymphatic drainage massage. She developed this tool to be the next best thing at home.

Science ⏤ the lymph system is a series of channels like blood vessels that carry waste products and bacteria away from body tissue such as the skin. Muscle movement usually moves or drains this waste through the channels, but massage really helps it along. Less waste and toxins in skin tissue = healthy, less puffy, tighter, glowing skin.

  • Lifting of saggy and puffy skin
  • Brighter, tighter skin
  • Reduced skin tissue toxins
  • A more contoured facial appearance
  • Gently massage over the face in upward motions
  • Use with serum products to massage into the skin



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