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The Teresa Tarmey Cryo-Ball Cryotherapy Kit


How it Works & Details

Introducing the limited edition Teresa Tarmey Cryo-Ball, allowing you to experience the Teresa Tarmey Ice-Lift facial at home. The Cryoball helps to instantly and dramatically lift saggy and puffy skin, rejuvenate dull complexions and sculpt the face.

The innovatively designed Cryo-Ball is made from surgical-grade steel and contains freeze-retaining fluids. The ball needs to be kept in the freezer for 24 hours prior to use. The freezing temperatures combined with the rolling and stretching technique creates a unique, cry-microcirculation effect on the skin, which prompts tighter skin and an instant glow.

Known for constantly harnessing the latest trends and developments in beauty, Teresa has been using Cryotheraphy (use of extreme cold) in her salon treatments for several years. The treatment has proved so popular, that Teresa has gone on to develop this unique, patented product that allows clients to experience the same treatment more regularly and in the comfort of their own home.

Teresa comments:
“I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this product is and the impact it will have. I have always been focused on results-driven treatments and I am incredibly proud to put my name to this as I genuinely think it’s a game changer. The Teresa Tarmey Cryo-Ball is ideal for the modern woman to use on the go or as a quick lift after long-haul flights. I first intended for it to be used before big events or to save stressed or problematic skin, but it’s so effective, I actually use it every morning, to de-puff and de-stress skin. The results are so impactful it’s impossible not to!”

Immediate Benefits:
• LIFTING: You will feel an instant lifting and tightening sensation after rolling the ball over the architecture lines of the face: along the jaw, up the cheekbones and across the forehead.
• GLOWING & DE-PUFFING: The combination of sub-zero temperatures and the rolling sensation when used in big, circular motions stimulates the skin’s micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage for a more-awake and glowing complexion. Teresa has added a Hyaluronic Acid formula in its highest concentration, to deeply hydrate whilst gliding over the skin
• CELLULAR RENEWAL: the action of the ball stretches the skin like a vascular work-out, bringing new cells to the surface, to prompt renewal
• PORE-MINIMISING: much like the popular scraping technique, the ball removes the top surface of the skin, minimising the appearance of large pores
• WRINKLE-REDUCING: fine, dehydration lines and wrinkles are reduced