British business Presscription ( has launched a range of delicious 100% raw, organic, unpasteurised and cold-pressed juices and nut mylks that are designed to aid health and wellbeing.

This revolutionary range of juices, shots and mylks have been painstakingly formulated by an expert team of nutritionists, chefs and holistic and homeopathic practitioners with a commitment to delivering the optimum health, fitness and beauty benefits from every bottle.

Presscription products can be purchased individually to add a healthy boost to daily diets or bought as a course for cleansing. 

Every 500ml Presscription product contains over 1kg of organic produce in uncompromised liquid form and is predominantly made up of fresh vegetables. If fruit is present it is at a ratio of 20% fruit to vegetables, keeping sugar levels low. The juices are overflowing with beneficial and readily digestible vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes with absolutely nothing added: no sugar, sweeteners, water, preservatives or anything artificial.

Presscription uses only the finest cold-pressed machines to retain the goodness inside the natural ingredients that fill every bottle. Unlike commonly used centrifugal and masticating juicers, which heat and oxidise the juice, degrading its nutritional value, Presscription’s production method extracts all the nourishing elements from the organic produce. The beautifully fresh ingredients are very slowly pressed between two stainless steel plates, liberating an abundance of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll from the cell walls.

Juice cleansing is a great way to give the body a fresh start. For a period of between 24 hours and seven days, solid foods are replaced with Presscripion’s specially designed nutrient-rich juices and mylks, which allows the digestive system to rest, re-boot and detoxify. The cleanse accelerates and enhances the natural detoxification process by resting the digestive system and flooding the body with the nutrients and antioxidants that are crucial for good health in this over-stressed, over-polluted and under-nourished modern life.

Post-cleanse, users feel immediately lighter, extremely energised and experience tremendous mental clarity, leading to better decision-making. Eyes glow brighter, skin is clearer and radiant and the hair and nails appear stronger and healthier. As an added bonus, users typically lose several pounds throughout the course and their bodies feel more toned and de-bloated.

There are four types of cleanses available: the Signature, Intermediate, Advanced and Custom. The Presscription Signature Cleanse is a great choice for both new and seasoned juicers. Designed to gently support the natural detoxification processes in the body, it promotes the elimination of accumulated toxins. This is achieved by a powerful injection of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and superfoods into the body through a variety of green vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Presscription cleanses are available to order online via from one to seven day options and are priced accordingly, starting from £65 for one day through to £375 for seven days.