Harley Street specialist Teresa Tarmey shares her secrets

, Jan 21, 2019 — Words by CLAUDIA CANAVAN for Womens health

This Is What Sienna Miller and Naomie Harris' Facialist Puts on Her Skin

Celebrity facialist Teresa Tarmey is said to be the woman behind the luminous glows of Sienna Miller and Naomie Harris. Straight up: what she doesn’t know about a lit-from-within complexion is not worth knowing.

“My skincare philosophy is holistic. And regular facials are a must to keep it in check,” she tells WH. Her number one must-do? “Wearing an SPF. A scary number of people still don’t apply it on a daily basis.”

To get you looking your brightest self, she shared her personal skincare kit with us. These are sure to be game-changers.

Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme

“This gorgeous creamy cleanser smells like pineapple. I apply a small amount, then massage it in with my fingertips and remove with warm water – not hot. I’m not a fan of using too much heat on the skin.”

NeoStrata Skin Active Firming Collagen Booster

“Next, I apply this serum. It contains a high percentage of fi rming peptides and glow-giving vitamin C. I use three or four pumps as I don’t follow with moisturiser – I love the dewy look it gives.”

Heliocare Color Gelcream Light SPF 50

“I’m never without SPF and this one also does the job of a moisturiser and a foundation. I use it every single day and have done for the past three years. Added antioxidants help repair skin, too.”

Aestheticare Retriderm Protein-Rich Retinol Skin Serum

“After double-cleansing, I apply this retinol followed by the same collagen-boosting serum I use in the morning. I don’t like layering too many products, I just use what works.”

iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex

“This is the only product I use around my eye area. Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai recommended it to me and I would trust her with my life. She’s the best eye surgeon around.”

The Teresa Tarmey Programme

“Once a week, I do my micro-needling treatment. It’s a miracle in a box that took 18 months to develop. Results are guaranteed – skin looks refreshed, rejuvenated, brighter and plumper. It even improves fine lines.”