This international facialist is bringing her skincare techniques to India

, Jan 22, 2021 — Words by SNEHA MANKANI for VOGUE INDIA

This international facialist is bringing her skincare techniques to India

Teresa Tarmey has worked with Victoria’s Secret models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Josephine Skriver in the past. And now, you can reap the benefits of her expertise too

I felt like a ball of dough ready to morph into a shiny, glazed Danish. That’s how perfectly facialist Teresa Tarmey kneaded my face when I asked her to give me a little preview of what skincare techniques men and women can expect at her cool new studio at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. Tarmey has been giving facials for 22 years, and is the one most of Hollywood’s glam squad—the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Naomi Harris, among others—has on speed dial to look their luminous best on a big day. I may not be winning an Oscar or attending the MET Gala (yet), but who needs a special day to glow anyway? So, between discussing our shared love for sunscreens and Tarmey’s essential glow care tips, she got to work on my face.

Humidity is good for your skin… but if you use the wrong products, it can work against you. Be careful with your SPF—Tarmey suggests using SPF 50 for maximum protection, and picking oil-free formulas because you don’t want to be clogging your sweat-open pores with oil-based skincare.

Indian skin can skip laser treatments… because laser targets colour, and darker skin tones need to be very careful of this when getting a laser treatment done. According to Tarmey, radio frequency and microneedling can do the job for Indian skin, while peels can target pigmentation.

If you have dry skin, stay away from essential oils… as these tend to dry out the skin further. “A lot of people think they have dry skin when they actually don’t. Most people have dehydrated skin,” she says. Tarmey suggests using lactic acids for brightening and mild exfoliation to remove dead skin, and drinking lots of water for internal hydration.

Keep sensitive skin happy… with LED red light therapy to rejuvenate, and cooling cryotherapy for calming benefits. Stay away from harsh acids and too much heat, and keep skin hydrated so it’s not irritated.

Drink water, and lots of it… Tarmey’s target? At least 2.5 litres a day.

Acne can disappear, if… you regulate your diet. Tarmey suggests cutting off dairy and sugar from your regular intake, and staying away from face oils. “Dairy is very inflammatory and irritates the gut, leading to a direct effect on the skin,” she explains.

Eat an avocado… and lots of leafy greens. This is Tarmey’s sure shot way to healthy skin.

Use lactic acid… since it is gentler than glycolic, suits all skin types and exfoliates without damaging the skin. Tarmey isn’t a fan of physical exfoliators.