Julianne Moore on her "favourite" facial

, Jan 21, 2021 — Words by BRIDGET MARCH for HARPERS BAZAAR

Julianne Moore on her "favourite" facial

Dissecting an A-lister’s formula for complexion perfection is futile. Genetics, combined with lifestyle factors, topical product usage and professional treatments all come into play, which simply serves as a reminder that a tailored approach to skincare is best.

Just ask the ever-inspiring Julianne Moore, who sees one of London’s leading facialists Teresa Tarmey at her new clinic in New York.

Moore tells us of Tarmey’s “uncanny ability” to sense exactly what your face will respond to, which leads her to adapt a facial accordingly.

“It’s a bespoke process – she accesses your skin, and offers treatments like radiofrequency, laser, microneedling, lymphatic drainage, and my favourite, traditional facial massage, until she gets the results she wants,” the actress explains.

The aim at Tarmey’s clinics – which can be found in London’s Kensington, Belgravia and now NYC’s Tribeca – is to educate people in home skin care between facials. Whether this is adopting facial massage (of which we imagine Moore is a fan), aiding rejuvenation with the facialist’s at-home microneedling kit, or simply being sun smart, good skin usually means many things.

What we can learn from Moore is this: seeing a pro to identify what works for you is one of the best skin investments you can make. Find the one for you in Bazaar‘s best facials guide (which includes Tarmey’s, of course) below.