, Jan 22, 2021 — for Love Magazine

45,000 hours of treating skin. Meet the expert facialist reimagining the world of beauty.

TERESA TARMEY is the beauty expert whose name is on everyone’s lips. She’s the high fashion of facialists whose expertise transcends beyond just her industry. When Covid-19 hit the beauty industry harder than most this year Tarmey didn’t see it as a time to take a back seat, rather a time to see how her worlds of beauty, furniture, and fine art could all come together. Through a friend with contacts at the infamous photographer Guy Bourdin’s archive, she opened her new space in Notting Hill early to showcase some of his never before seen works in a way you would never have seen them before. While 2021 will see her relaunch her eponymous TT products as well as officially opening her Notting Hill salon, we catch up with the facialist to the stars to ask her all about her latest collaboration.

LOVE: For those that don’t know who you are, explain who you are and what you do?

Terea Tarmey: I came to London 13 years ago from Yorkshire and have been treating skin for 23 years. I started off renting a room in a gym on Baker St and now have 2 clinics in London. The flagship is on Motcomb Street Belgravia and the new space which launches in December is in Notting Hill.

LOVE: What got you into beauty in the first place?

TT: I went to beauty college for 2 years and soon after suffered with skin so I focused on how to fix it and treat the scarring. Skin is all I do, me and my creative director James Ruth figured out I’ve potentially spent over 45,000 hours treating people’s faces.

LOVE: You’ve just opened a new space in Notting Hill, tell us about it and how is it different to what you have done before?

TT: I’ve never gone for a typical clinic look and so it not only looks different but feels different. I have a passion for interiors and spend all my spare time browsing furniture. I’ve always gone for a homely look/feel but since opening New York 2018, I’ve gore more minimal, some say my spaces look like an art gallery. Notting Hill is appointment only, something very private and behind closed doors which I’ve done for years, even in Yorkshire since working from a converted garage. Belgravia is our flagship which is a storefront but still very understated.

LOVE: For your brand, it’s about a lot more than just beauty, the way you curate the space, the furniture…

TT: I’m literally obsessed with interiors, particularly chairs and lights. After work, I end up falling to sleep from hours of scrolling through Pinterest and 1stdibbs. Some say I’m a perfectionist, I’d call it OCD. Everything I do for work has to be ascetically pleasing and well designed, I’m personally a bit of a hippy, definitely low maintenance.

LOVE: Tell us more about the Guy Bourdin connection and what’s happening in the space today?

TT: I’ve never been in a position to buy any of his work until a few years ago when I opened NYC I just had to build it into the refurb budget. Since lockdown, I’ve had to pause on NYC and so I shipped them back to put in the new space. Today we’re going to be projecting a film of his that has been provided by the exclusive gallery for Guy, Louise Alexander. The film has never been seen before in film and so we’ll be showing this along with the new space and my works in a creative way.

LOVE: How does it tie in with your work and how?

TT: I’m a huge fan of the ’70s from clothes to cars, hairstyles to furniture. Guy was at his peak in the ’70s. My space in Notting Hill is full of 70’s black leather Swiss furniture and so his work gives it a pop of colour which makes me smile. When we get back to more normal times, we hope to do an exhibition of his work.

LOVE: What is your first memory of Guy’s work?

TT: I fell in love with Guys work about 10 years ago when I stumbled across his art book which I bought. It turned out to be super rare.

LOVE: This year has hit the beauty industry incredibly hard, what does beauty mean in a time of Covid? And how have you had to adapt?

TT: Wow, what a year it’s been for us all. We had to close two stores and do a little rejigging of the company after being closed for 5.5 months. We’re now focusing on London since we can’t really do much else. It’s allowed me to slow down and be creative so there are some positives that have come out of it.

LOVE: What’s next for TT?

TT: Product, product, and more product. I’ve spent a lot of time researching new and ground-breaking ingredients. I’m super excited to share more about them soon.