I tried an at-home microneedling kit from a celeb facialist and my skin is 'glowing'

, Jan 22, 2021 — Words by Nicole Pelletiere , Zoe Moore & Will Linendoll for GOOD MORNING AMERICA

I tried an at-home microneedling kit from a celeb facialist and my skin is 'glowing'

The woman who preps Victoria’s Secret models is behind an at-home microneedling program that claims it’ll help create more youthful skin.

The microneedling procedure is designed to stimulate your skin, encouraging it to regenerate and repair itself naturally, producing smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin, according to celebrity laser facialist Teresa Tarmey.

“There’s two different kinds of microneedling and one is in clinic, which I would do with numbing creme,” Tarmey told “Good Morning America.” “And then there’s a really tiny needle and that’s just more for delivering the product and stimulating the skin on a much slower and smaller process so you don’t have any pain.”

Microneedling has become all the rage in recent years. In fact, Pinterest included dermarollers in its list of top trends to try in 2018.

You can find the tool online but Tarmey said be sure to check the quality.

“Do be careful because it’s really hard to see where they’re coming from and you do really get better quality if you spend a little more money,” she said. “It’s like everything else we buy; you kind of get what you pay for.”

Tarmey currently offers the kit at her new skin clinic in New York City and we gave it a whirl.

The black box features six new products including a silicone mask, lactic acid toner, peptide treatment, hyaluronic acid gel, a 24-carat gold-plated massage tool and a genuine dermaroller — a tiny tool covered in little needles that Tarmey said will help penetrate products into the skin.

You first apply 6-8 drops of Tarmey’s lactic love toner (a chemical exfoliation) to clean, dry skin. After it dries, apply another product called the peptide treatment which includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with skin-brightening mulberry extract.

But don’t massage the peptide into your skin. Instead, the dermaroller does the rest.

The recommendation is to use this kit once a week for 12 weeks.

Here’s what to know after three trials.

What does the dermaroller feel like?

My skin is a little on the sensitive side, so even with a little stimulation I became flushed. However, there was absolutely no pain.

The dermaroller feels like something abrasive grazing the skin. I felt no need to press hard. You can feel the tool doing its job.

The silicone mask will be your new BFF

The kit’s instructions say to use the reusable silicone mask to achieve the best results. It’s meant to help the product penetrate further.

My skin felt a little sore after the microneedling and the mask felt so calming. Even more soothing was the hyaluronic acid gel, which I applied onto the mask (as directed) two days after each microneedling session.

The Takeaway

A breakdown by sessions:

Week 1: My skin felt dry and tight after the first trial. I moisturized a little extra the following day. Confession: I completely forgot to use the hyaluronic acid gel on the silicone mask two days after the first treatment.

Week 2: My skin felt less dry after the second session and this time, the gel and silicone mask combo was used.

All I have to say is, holy hydration!

Week 3: Overall, my skin feels smoother and is glowing (at least that’s what a co-worker said).

Again, Tarmey says it takes 12 weeks to see full results.

The price of the kit is a little over $445 and is launching exclusively at Bergdorf’s on Dec. 10.