Celebrity facialist Teresa Tarmey answers all your beauty queries

, Jan 21, 2021 — Words by Drishti Kapadia for ELLE

Celebrity facialist Teresa Tarmey answers all your beauty queries

London’s favourite skincare expert shares her top tips

If you are someone who’s baffled by the numerous skincare dos and don’ts that are constantly making the rounds, don’t fret. We turned to celebrity skincare guru and facialist, Teresa Tarmey for advice. With celebrities like Suki Waterhouse and Kate Moss as loyal clients, she is known for her radiance-inducing methods. Here, she shares her top tips and holy grail skincare products:

ELLE: What are some of the most common skin problems Indians face and what is the solution? 

Teresa Tarmey: Pollution related breakouts and pigmentation are some of the common problems I have noticed. If your skin is acne prone, introduce some acid in your skincare routine (like the Teresa Tarmey Lactic Acid Toner) to keep your skin exfoliated and smooth. Wear SPF even if you have are breaking out, it protects your already sensitive skin from further damage. You can also add good probiotics (like Bombucha Original Kombucha) and eliminate dairy from your diet. To avoid pigmentation, don’t kip sunscreen.

ELLE: What are your top skincare tips? 

TT: I am a big believer in what you eat really showing on your skin, so keep your diet really clean to stay healthy inside out. Apart from that, drink a lot of water, make sure you get enough sleep and always use SPF (like Heliocare). Oh, and don’t ever squeeze your own skin!

ELLE: Are there any particular ingredients we should look out for when buying skincare products?

TT: Look out for hyaluronic acid, as it boosts the moisture levels in your skin, Vitamin C brightens it and peptides fight sun damage. Retinol is amazing as it keeps your skin looking younger, cleaner and prevents breakouts.

ELLE recommends – Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule in Serum (Hyaluronic Acid), Clinique Fresh Pressed Clinical™ Daily + Overnight Boosters with Pure Vitamin C 10% + A (Vitamin C & Retinol), Makeup Revolution Skin Multi Targeting & Firming Serum – Multi Peptide Serum(Peptides)

ELLE: How do you protect your skin from pollution? 

TT: SPF can be a really good barrier for the skin, not just from pollution but from the rays that burn the skin. I think if you wear something thick or sometimes even makeup, as crazy as it sounds, can act as a layer of protection.

ELLE: What according to you is a beauty buzzword that is trending right now?

TT: Skipcare, I am not a big fan of layering products. I like using a maximum of 2-3 products.

ELLE: What can we do to take care of our skin a little more in the monsoon? 

TT: It’s a better time to introduce acids and retinol into your routine, since it isn’t that sunny. Don’t let the gloomy weather fool you into skipping SPF, it is actually just as important. Other than that, you can go on with your usual skincare routine.

ELLE: What are some easy de-puffing massage techniques that we can incorporate at home? 

TT: I have a vibrating, facial massage tool that you can use at home along with a serum. Apart from that, using your fingers to massage your face or even a jade roller to some extent is effective.

ELLE: What are your 3 all-time favourite top beauty products? 


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Teresa Tarmey Lactic Acid Toner