The Teresa Tarmey Cryoball

The Teresa Tarmey Cryoball


Introducing the pioneering patented Cryo-Ball Cryotheraphy Kit, allowing you to experience the Teresa Tarmey Ice-Lift facial at home. The kit helps to instantly and dramatically lift saggy and puffy skin, rejuvenate dull complexions and sculpt the face.

The innovatively designed Cryo-Ball is made from surgical-grade steel and contains freeze-retaining fluids. The ball needs to be kept in the freezer for 24 hours prior to use. The freezing temperatures combined with the rolling and stretching technique creates a unique, cry-microcirculation effect on the skin, which prompts tighter skin and an instant glow.

Rather than providing sheet masks with pre-applied product, Teresa developed a reusable silicone mask, which she feels is more beneficial to using sheet masks. Silicone was selected due to its unique properties that replenish and hydrate the skin whilst allowing it to breathe. The masks are syringed with a high percentage of pure hyaluronic acid.

The Lactic Acid Toner gently exfoliates skin without the downtime. As opposed to glycolic acid, this toner is suitable for all skin types, reducing the feeling of dryness and tightness, allows the skin to maintain a water balance and hydrate.

While, the Hyaluronic Acid Gel helps plump the skin with moisture. Now in a pump format to protect and prolong the purity of the formula, results are dramatically enhanced when teamed with the Cryo-Ball.

Set contains:

Lactic Acid Toner 
Silicone Mask
Hyaluronic Acid Gel

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Instructions for use of Cryoball

• Place the Cryoball with handle in the bag provided and freeze until liquid inside is solid. This can take up to 24 hours the first time you freeze it, depending on your freezer temperature. -8 or below is recommended. If the ball is not freezing and the liquid is not frozen solid, adjust the temperature of your freezer.  Hyaluronic Acid has been specifically designed for the temperature of the ball which is thick in consistency in order for it to stay on the skin and not soak straight in and reduce the need for reapplying. The sheet mask has been added to the kit for anyone wanting to use the HA serum as a mask. Apply a thick layer of the HA into the skin after the Cryoball then place sheet mask on top for 10-15 minutes. 

• Once frozen, remove the ball from the freezer and roll on a dry, clean towel to remove any excess ice. Apply the Hyaluronic Acid serum supplied to the lower face and roll the ball on your skin in a circular upward motion for 5-7 minutes. The ball will be very cold so you will need to keep it moving from one side of the face to the other.

• When you have finished using the ball, remove from handle and clean before reattaching and allowing both to dry.

• Please remove all water from the ball before replacing back in its bag to avoid ice forming. 

Cyroballs have a two-year warranty


The below will void your warranty:

Do not open the sealed ball or tamper with the screw

Do not use force when attaching the ball to the handle